Together, we have more power — and more fun!

SHIM is a multi-national group of believers, working together to change the nation through a network of local leaders, national gatherings, training events and resources.

SHIM collaborates with a wide range of groups to fulfill the assignment of evangelism and discipleship around the world. Making disciples can only effectively be done with collective power. Our partners include educational and research institutions, communities, churches and all types of non-governmental organizations. Giving God all the glory he deserves. We’d love to hear from you and will be happy to answer any questions you have. Email us through the contact person below and he will be in touch with you shortly.

For: Mission Trips / Financial Support (SHIM)

Please contact:
Global Outreach International
P.O. Box 1
Tupelo, MS 38802

Phone: (662) 842-4615

Please e-mail or

Contact Robert for quick response


with whatever project you would like to help with, and what you might be interested in doing with SHIM

To stay up-to-date on SHIM’s work in the islands, visit and “like” the SHIM Facebook page.


Interns visit the island and SHIM to serve others, gain practical experience in missions and other fields, and to witness and experience first-hand God’s work in this part of Uganda.


Students and staff of Rift Valley Academy annually visit Lingira Island to work on special projects at SHIM and at the island secondary school. An “RVAer” is shown with another SHIM visitor painting a school classroom.


Students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison have visited the island for the past five years to conduct research and spearhead service projects as part of the student-led TAWI organization (formerly EDGE).