Ministry Director: Julius Twali

Hibiscus harvest, Aug. 2012

Harvesting hibiscus in SHIM’s lower gardens. Alice, Halima and Justus faithfully work to care for the various gardens on the SHIM compound.

Bananas, pineapple, papaya, mangoes, greens, sweet potatoes, kerekedde (hibiscus), peppers, squash, tomatoes, moringa trees, and more have been harvested from the gardens planted on SHIM’s eight acres on the island. But in the visionary focus of our agriculture leader, Twali Julius, the gardens are intended to bear more than just fruit to feed those of SHIM.

Encouraging the islanders to invest in and use the island’s natural resources, SHIM’s gardens are used as visual demonstrations and “learning centers” to teach new ways of “digging,” including the very productive “Farming God’s Way” method. Julius employs the people of the island, giving them an income and teaching them along the way.

Bountiful gardens produce delicious fruits, including watermelon, shown above.

Bountiful gardens produce delicious fruits, including watermelon, shown above.

Providing for those in need is also a goal of Twali’s. Kerekedde (hibiscus) and moringa can both be used for medicinal purposes, improving the nutritional health of the islanders and others.

Located on the SHIM grounds there is also a dairy project. With the goal of improving the local goat population and providing an income-generating project for local families, in 2012 SHIM purchased quality dairy goats from Mbale, eastern Uganda.

Carefully packing the kerekedde (hibiscus) for retail sales are Justus and Julius.

In the fall of 2013, doe goats were presented to qualifying island families (see photo below). The first “kids” from these goats will then be given back to SHIM, which will in turn give them to other islanders.

To expand his knowledge and help others, Julius earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture from Busoga University in August 2012. He has also been trained as a secondary teacher.

Click here to see a video on the Dairy Goat Project

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Welcomed into the SHIM family in 2013 were three “kids” who have become part of our island dairy goat project

New goat owners, Wodeya, far left, and Oliva, third from right, were presented with their goats in October 2013. Also shown are Oryagi Geoffrey, second from left, Twali Julius, head of SHIM’s agricultural department, and Johnathan and Karina Smith.