The new staff and visitors housing block - completed in 2014.

The new staff and visitors housing block – completed in 2014.

Shepherd’s Heart International Ministry

SHIM Guest Housing Block   

  • Cost: $10,000 – Completed! Thank you for your generosity!

Fencing for SHIM Property

  • Cost: $4,000 – Completed! Thank you for your prayers!

Water Purifying Systems for every island17 down, about 30+ to go!

  • Cost: $2,000 each

Small Business Loans for Islanders (enables islanders to be trained and assisted in starting life-sustaining businesses.)

Lingira Living Hope Secondary School

The second phase of the teachers’ housing was completed in September 2017.


  • Brick Teacher’s Dormitory – $10,000 – Completed!
  • Bunkbeds for the hostels – $60 each
  • Desks – $25 each
  • Brick School Kitchen – $4,000 – Completed!
  • Water Tanks for Collecting Rain Water – $4,000 – Partially completed. (A long-term solution is being sought for providing water for the campus – estimated 260 ppl.) 

Sponsorships for Students

  • The Child Development Sponsorship Program costs $30 a month for each student. This takes a student from kindergarten through high school. To sponsor a student in junior college or

    Recent graduate Sandra Watera honors her mom at a Nov. 2017 graduation party on Lingira Island. (Sandra, who completed a two-year vocational course, is her family’s first graduate.)

    vocational it is $50 a month, and for college/university sponsorships it is $100 a month.

  • Non-sponsored students at LLHSS now have the option of participating in a cost-sharing/fees incentive program, in which if they pay 80% of their fees within a set time, SHIM will pay the remaining 20%. Funding for this program comes from donors who wish to support education on the island and/or LLHSS. Any dollar amount is accepted.

Video on how the sponsorship program is helping island students.

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